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India Quiz

To celebrate the spirit of Independence Day,we have a set of 15 questions to challenge brain cells.

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QMs- Aniruddha Biswas & Souvik Basu

1.The novel published in 1882 is set in the background of the horrors of a famine in Bengal,and has the central story line of a group of ascetics fighting against the soldiers of the East India Company.The novel was later translated into English and called The Abbey of Bliss.Identify this historical novel.

2.This fortress was setup by the British East India company on April 23,1639.It was the first fortress set up by the British in India Its main purpose was to have a port which was nearer to the Malaccan Straits to maintain their commercial interests in the trade of spice.Named after the patron saint of England,today it serves as an administartive building of the Government of the state where it is situated.Identify.

3.This state capital gets its name from the "Kew Hi" flower which grows on the nearby mountains.The name literally means "Men from the land where the Kew Hi flower grows" It was the site of an intense battle in 1944 during World War II ,and has a large cemetery for the Allied soldiers who lost their lives.

4.This company was set up in 1968 with FC Kohli as its first General Manager.One of its first projects was to provide punch card services to a sister concern.It later executed a project called Inter Bank Reconcillation System for the Central bank of India.Burroughs Corporation,one of the earliest manufacturers of business computers was its first international client.Identify the company.

5.Setup in 1836 in Calcutta this institution was initially run on a proprietary basis.Any one who paid Rs. 300 could become a proprietor.After independence the Government of India moved it to its present location shown in the image below.

6.In 1906, 'Banco Nacional Ultramarino' was entrusted with the responsibility of issue of paper money in India for certain regions. The early notes issued by the bank carried the seal of the bank. New denominations of 4 Tangas, 8 Tangas and One Rupia and 21/2 Rupias were introduced in 1917. Most issues carried the Commerce and Sailing Ships motifs common to many colonial issues. Indian symbols and motifs (architectural and exotic fauna) were adopted on some notes .Where were these notes used ?

7.What is located in a 28 storey building called Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers in Mumbai..

8.This medal was initially established as Ashok Chakra, Class II. Identify this award which is the peace time equivalent of the Mahavir Chakra.

9. What was this controversy about?

10. These are the obverse and reverse sides of a medal. Name the medal.

11. Identify this lady

12.Its origin is said to be from the Sanskrit word Vishu. It is celebrated thrice in a year:Rongaali or Bohaag (mid-April), Kati or Koongali (mid-October) and Magh or Bhoogali.It marks three distinct phases of the farming calendar for the native crop of the place.Bohaag marks the advent of the seeding time, Kati marks the completion of sowing and transplantation of the saplings and finally Magh marks the culmination of the harvesting period.What is being described?

13.According to some legends, the place derives its name from the local word for shepherd's hill. One of the most striking features of the fort in this place was supposed to be its perfect acoustical system by which a hand clap sounded at the fort's main gates, the grand portico, was heard at the top of the citadel, situated on a 300-foot high granite wall.Which place?

14 The name of this company/brand was suggested by the present MD of the company. Lowe Lintas designed the logo which resembles the shape of a type of card, the card indicating the businsess the company is into. Illayaraja composed the tunes, while Sonu Nigam sang the jingle. Which company/brand?

15. It won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2004. To commemorate this achievement,Indian Post came out with two stamps later in the year featuring this. What is being
Happy Quizzing :)


Ankit said...

4. TCS
9. Katrina kaif gurudwara incident
11. Mary Kom

Kamal Rathi said...

2.Madras now Chennai, St.George was the fortress.
5.National Library of India
6.Portuguese India
8.Kirti Chakra
9.Controversy of Katrina Kaif's attire - wearing skirt exposing parts of her bare legs while shooting for film Namaste India in Ajmer Shrine
11.M.C. Mary Kom
15.Agra Fort

Udaibhan singh said...

11. Mary KOm

c.v.r. said...

1--- ananda math

2--- fort st. george

3--- kohima

4--- TCS

6--- daman & diu

7--- bombay stock e3xchange

11--- MC mary kom

12--- bihu

13--- golconda fort

14--- idea telecom

prateek.myth of unholy crescent said...

1.Anand math fort,chennai
5.Open coffee club
6.Portugese india
8 .Kirti chakra
9.Katrina kaif's attire controversy
11 MC marykom
12 Bihu
13 Golconda
15Agra fort

GaneshSiva Subramanium said...

10.the "Seringapatam medal" which was awarded to those who participated in the 1799 campaign, where the British lion was depicted as overcoming a prostrate tiger, the tiger being the dynastic symbol of Tipu's line. The Seringapatam medal was issued in gold for the highest dignitaries who were associated with the campaign as well as select officers on general duty, silver for other dignitaries, field officers and other staff officers, in copper-bronze for the non-commissioned officers and in tin for the privates. On the reverse it had a frieze of the storming of the fort while the obverse showed, in the words of a nineteenth century tome on medals, "the BRITISH LION subduing the TIGER, the emblem of the late Tippoo Sultan's government, with the period when it was effected and the following words 'ASSUD OTTA-UL GHAULIB', signifying the Lion of God is the conqueror, or the conquering Lion of God."

VK Handa said...

1.Anandamath(Author-Bankim Chandra Chatterjee)
2.Chennai(Madras)-Fort St.George.
5.National Library of India in Kolkata
6.Portuguese Indian Territory(Goa,Daman and Diu)
8.Kirti Chakra
9.Amul Ad regarding controversy of Actress Katrina Kaif's attire - wearing a skirt exposing parts of her bare legs while shooting for film 'Namaste India' in Ajmer Sharif.
10.Seringapatnam Medal
11.M.C. Mary Kom
12.Bihu(Assam Folk Dance)
15.Agra Fort(a major building project of Akbar)

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