Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Visual Quiz.......

1.He was born on February 8,1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas to Southern Baptist parents of modest means. His father worked as a construction worker and a cotton farmer After earning his J.D. degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 1981, he went on to practice small-town general law for nearly a decade in Southaven, where he became bored with criminal law and successful at civil lawIn 1984 at the De Soto County courthouse in Hernando, he witnessed the harrowing testimony of a 12-year-old rape victim. In his spare time and as a hobby, he began work on his first novel,.and finished it in 1987. Initially rejected by many publishers, it was eventually bought by Wynwood Press, which gave it a modest 5,000-copy printing and published it in June 1988.Who is this best selling author Posted by Picasa

Ans. John Grisham

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Pravau Almighty said...

thats John Grisham and the 12-year-old black girl raped ---> a time to kill

I am not sure but i read somwhere that Grisham is Clinton's distant nephew...

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