Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Question # 98

Random Question 98
QM Souvik Basu

What is available in the following varieties:

Spooky (sour), Splashy, Smitten (sour), Silly (sour), Silly, Sassy (sour), Quirky, Flirty (sour), Flirty, Cheeky, Sporty and Chic?

Ans. Sugarpova candies by Maria Sharapova

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sampad said...

Are these are the flavors of sugarpova candy by sarapova

indian said...

sugarpova candies from maria sharapova.

Anonymous said...

Is it Kiss?

Saurabh Singh said...

Sugarpova - Premium Line of Gummy Candies by Maria Sharapova

VK Handa said...

12 varieties of Fancy Candy Sugarpova.

ameen mammootty said...


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