Friday, June 02, 2006

6.The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association was the first winner of this trophy shown in the visual.Identify the trophy and the sport in which it is awarded.
Ans Stanley Cup.Ice Hockey

7.Footballers are often trend setters in terms of fashion,like the innumerable tattoos once sported by David Beckham.Which footballer was seen recently wearing an ear-stud bearing "R10"?
Ans. Ronaldinho

8. Michael Schumacher made his formaula 1 debut driving for Jordan in 1991. The Grand Prix circuit where he made his debut was also the one where he won his first GP a year later. Which circuit am I talking of?
Ans. Belgian Grand prix

9.Which Argentine tennis legend's record of 53 match unbeaten streak on clay did Rafael Nadal break by winnng the first round at the 2006 French open?
Ans. Guillermo Vilas

10. "Games of your Life",is the punchline of which international sporting event to be held in 2006?
Ans. Doha Asian games

11.In which cricket stadium which will host international matches after a long gap will you come across the Pavillion End and Church Gate End?
Ans. Brabourne Stadium

12.Which Indian tennis legend was bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Tennis federation in 2003 for his service as a player and coach for
45 years?(HINT! He is the great grandson of the legendary freedom fighter Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das)
Ans. Jaidip Mukherjea

13.In a pretty disgusting precedent, which will serve as a discouragement for young Indians to take up sports other than cricket, the Bank Of Baroda removed as its brand ambassador a sportsperson ranked number 2 in the world in her sport in favour of the more popular and recognisable Rahul Dravid.Who is the sportsperson
in question ?
Ans. Koneru Humpy

14.A one foot high statue of this sportsman aws placed in Bangkok's Pariwas Buddhist Temple alongside about 100 other statues of minor deities to keep his memory alive for the next 1000 years.He was also the subject of a 12 week course at Staffordshire University started in 1999.Identify the sportsman?
Ans. David Beckham

15.The world cup of which sport is known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy?
Ans. Rugby

16. This former Aussie cricketer was named the Australian Father Of the Year in 2005 and has the dubious distinction of running out 50 partners in ODIs and 23 in tests.Who is this famous Aussie?
Ans. Steve Waugh

17. Identify the sport shown in the visual?
Ans. Pelota

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