Saturday, April 03, 2010

Random Question #18

Random Question 18

Identify the International IT services company from its logo shown below. The company was created by a series of mergers and acquisitions since 1997,starting with Axime and Sligos and a subsidiary of Royal Phillips Electronics.

Ans.Atos Origin, founded in 2000 after the merger of Atos and Origin.The company is the official IT partner of the Olympic Games

Atos was formed from the merger in 1997 of two French-based IT services companies – Axime and Sligos – each of which had been established out of earlier mergers.

Origin was a subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics, which had been formed in 1996 from the merger of BSO/Origin and Philips Communications.

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Suhel Banerjee said...

Atos Origin.

I Googled. And I haven't heard of this company.

ginger candy said...

Atos Origin. Frankly, I think you have given away too many clues here, Anirudddha. :-)


RIJO P said...

atos origins

Anonymous said...

atos origin founded in 2000.

s.m.muneer ali

Anubhav said...

Atos Origin

Ramki said...

Atos origin

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