Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FIFA 2010 - Question # 3

In 1989 during a FIFA World Cup qualifying match,the goal keeper of this national squad fell down on the ground,with an apparent injury on his forehead.The injury was said to have been caused by a firework thrown by a rival fan.The side refused to carry on with the game,as the playing conditions were not safe.Video footage of the match,showed  the claim to be false and the country was banned from playing the qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup.The country in question has played in seven World Cups till now,starting from 1930 with a best finish of third position.The national side is nicknamed "La Roja" or "The Red One".Identify.The visual below may  serve as a clue.

Ans.Chile.The visual shows Ivan Zamarano,perhaps Chile's most famous footballer.

The incident described above occured in a World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Chile,when the Chilean goal keeper Roberto Rojas attained infamy by feigning the injury and later receiving a life ban.

Incidentally the Spanish national football team is also known as "La Roja".

The video is shown below

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Roni said...

The answer to question no. 3 is:

Amit Sharma said...


abir said...

Chile is it?

abir said...

sorry missed the cue, it's SPAIN!!

RAJIB said...

Is it Chile? The picture looks like that of Evan Jamorano, the famed striker of Chile. -- Rajib Roy, Burdwan

Saby said...

Chile, Rojas

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