Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FIFA 2010 - Question # 10

At the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Lothar Matthaeus of Germany created the record of playing in the most number of matches (25) in the World Cup.He also equaled the record of playing in 5 different World Cups from 1982-1998.He shares this record of playing in 5 World Cups with another player who played 11 matches from 1950-1966.Can you identify this player shown on the left,on the right is of course Lothar Matthaeus

Ans.Antonio Carbajal of Mexico

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Roni said...

Lev Yashin

crystalgazer said...

antonio carbajal


Amit Sharma said...

Antonio Carbajal

Posted by:
Amit Sharma

mysore said...

antonio carbajal


Kaushik said...

Antonio Carbajal of Mexico

RAJIB said...

It is Antonio Carbazal.
-- Rajib Roy, Burdwan (West Bengal)

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