Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Question # 45

Random Question 45

Dennis Carter a marketing manager along with his team made a study of successful marketing campaigns of companies who supplied a key component in a finished product.At the suggestion of the advertsising agency ,Dahin Smith & White the company (X) adopted a new tag line in their ads.In July 1991,a co operative marketing campaign was launched where X shared a part of advertising costs of print ads for maufacturers who carried the X's logo.Along with colorful TV advertisements, X launched a distinctive  three-second animated jingle in 1995 , displaying the logo and playing a five-tone melody.Identify the company X and the campaign

Ans X - Intel and the "Intel Inside" campaign

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madafterknowledge said...

The company is Intel and the Intel Inside campaign

srikrishnan Narayanan said...

X is Intel ...

Jayakumar S Babu said...

Intel and "Intel Inside"

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