Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Question # 49

Random Question 49

When the logo was unveiled,the managing director of the company described it as follows, "The logo consists of a ‘B’ which also resembles a heart. The Green and Saffron colors reflect patriotism and provide a fresh, enthusiastic outlook. While the italicized font suggests speed, the ‘bold’ typography provides a confident look and feel. The fluid movement in the logo represents dynamism and positive energy". Identify the logo.(Specific answer required )

Ans Buddh International Circuit.

The venue of the F1 race in India

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Suhel Banerjee said...

Buddh International Circuit

Used reverse Google image search.

Anonymous said...

the buddh international circuit(indias racing arena)

Shashank said...

Buddh International Circuit

Anonymous said...

Logo of Indian F1 Grand Prix going to be started in November-December this year. B stands for BHARAT. The circuit is named Buddh International Circuit.
-- Rajib Roy, Burdwan

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