Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Question # 51

Random Question 51

The company which deals with a certain collectible was founded in 1856.It is named after its founder ,who was born in the same year the collectible was first issued.The company was awarded a Royal Warrant by King Geaorge V.The company is listed in the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.The logo and founder are both shown in the image below.Identify.

Ans.Stanley Gibbons ,the most famous dealer in postage stamps. The company gets its name from Edward Stanley Gibbons who was born in 1840,the year Penny Black was issued.


Reverse Image search on Google can also lead you to the answer

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Shashank said...

The company is Stanley Gibbons, which is in the business of selling postage stamps.

Googling worked - didn't use the reverse image search though :)

VK said...

Stanley Gibbons

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