Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random Question # 60

Random Question 60
QM Souvik Basu

It was founded in 1949 and have been previously known by names like Spartak _______, Khimin ______, HC YMZ _____, Trud ____, Motor _____ and Torpedo ______. Its present name is derived from its owner, X, the national railroad operator. The logo of the entity is shown below. What are we talking about? (All blanks are same )

 Ans.Lokomotiv Yaraoslavl.

The Russian ice hockey team, whose members died in a tragic air crash recently.

Random Question 59


ATITYA RAGUL speaks said...

Kontinental Hockey League team Locomotiv Yaroslavl.

Ameya said...

locomotiv y..slalv

indian said...

locomotiv yaroslavl -- recently in news for the ice hockey team logo whose members have died in the russian aeroplane crash.

Anonymous said...

Is it Amtrack?

-- Rajib

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