Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Question # 90

Random Question 90

QM Souvik Basu

This has been designed by an Australian creative company Witekite and named 'Modern Spin'. The strong red and orange colours incorporated into it is said to be a model for X's culture and arts. Also kept in mind are the forward angles and fluid lines in the overall design.
What are we describing?  (X is a country)

Ans. ICC World T20 logo

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vijay.rooney said...

Logo of T20 World Cup 2012 - Modern Spin.

Anonymous said...

'The Orbit' at London.

-- Rajib Roy

Vaividhya Vaghasia said...

Logo of t20 world cup, sri lanka

Mahesh Sivan said...

Sri lanka -

Kamal Rathi said...

2012 T20 World Cup logo

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