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The Big B Quiz

The Big B Quiz
QM Souvik Basu

With the legendary Amitabh Bachchan turning 70, here is a quiz on him as our tribute.

1. The Big B is known all over for his famous baritone voice. Like a case of Ripley's Believe it or Not, which organization refused to hire him as his voice was not found suitable?

Ans - All India Radio

2. Bachchan's dialogues have always been a trademark of his films. In which movie does he give this memorable piece of logic: ''Gobhi ka phool, phool hokar bhi phool nahi, sabzi hai. Isi tarah gende ka phool phool hokar phool nahi hai"?

Ans - Chupke Chupke

3. Continuing on the dialogue track. In which Bachchan starrer does this immortal dialogue appear - 'Hum bhi woh hai jo kabhi kisi ke peeche khade nahi hote. Jahan khade ho jaate hain, line wahin se shuru hoti hai'?

Ans - Kaalia

4. Connect these 4 people.

Ans -Dialogue from Namak Halaal (I know such English that I will leave the British behind. You see sir, I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, because English is such a funny language. Bhairo becomes Byron because their minds are very narrow. In the year 1929 when India was playing Australia at the Melbourne stadium Vijay Hazare and Vijay Merchant were at the crease. Vijay Merchant told Vijay Hazare. look Vijay Hazare Sir , this is a very prestigious match and we must consider it very prestigiously. We must take this into consideration, the consideration that this is an important match and ultimately this consideration must end in a run. In the year 1979 when Pakistan was playing against India at the Wankhede stadium Wasim Raja and Wasim Bari were at the crease and they took the same consideration. Wasim Raja told Wasim Bari, look Wasim Bari, we must consider this consideration and considering that this is an important match we must put this consideration into action and ultimately score a run. And both of them considered the consideration and ran and both of them got out.)

5. It is perhaps the only time Big B ended up finishing second best in an one-on-one fight without getting the better of his opponent later in the film. Who was the opponent and which film?

Ans - Inspector Amar Khanna (Vinod Khanna) beating up Anthony Gonsalves in Amar Akbar Anthony

6. What rare genetic disorder did the character Auro portrayed by Bachchan in the film 'Paa' suffer from?

Ans - Progeria

7. In which film does Bachchan first take on the famous screen name 'Vijay'?

Ans - Zanjeer ( as Inspector Vijay Khanna)

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Anonymous said...

1. All India Radio
2. 'Chupke Chupke'
3. Deewar
4. First name of all of them is Vijay - the popular screen name of AB
5. 'Aankhri Raasta'; He himself as his father!
6. Projeria
7. 'Janjeer'

-- Rajib Roy

Kayyessee said...

2 Chupke chupke
3 kaalia
4 vijay nerchant, vijay hazare, wasim raja and wasim bari (look vijay.... considering the consideration .... both of them were run out" from Namak halal
5 Vinod Khanna in AAA or Navin Nischol in Parwaane (not sure)
7 Zanzeer

VK Handa said...


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