Saturday, November 10, 2012

Random Question # 95

Random Question 95

This aerial photograph taken as part of series of photos of the California coastline as part of a photographic project was downloaded just 6 times,before legal action against the photographer Kenneth Adelman caused massive interest, which led to around half a million downloads a month due to the legal action which made worldwide headlines.Mike Masnick of the blog Techdirt is credited to have coined the term to describe the attempts to suppress the publication of photograph,which had the reverse effect of generating more publicity. Which celebrity had sued the photographer and lends her name to the two word term coined by Masnick.

Ans Streisand Effect named after Barbara Streisand.
The image contains Barbara Streisand's house in Malibu, which she tried to suppress.

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Random Question 94


VK Handa said...

1.Barbara Streisand.
2.Streisand Effect

Anonymous said...

barbara streisand ..the streisand effect.

Abhinand kishore said...


Anonymous said...

streisand effect


indian said...

Barbara Streisand Effect.

Quizster said...

American entertainer Barbra Streisand had sued the photographer, and the word coined was 'Streisand Effect.'

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