Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Question # 110

Random Question 110

The ACOLOP is an association of 12 countries founded in 2004.It aims to strengthen unity and co operation among its members through sport. In 2006 it first organised a multi sporting event for the member countries in Macau, China. In 2014, the third edition of this sporting event is currently underway in Goa.Which sporting event are we talking about?

Ans Lusophony Games.

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indian said...

Lusophony Games - Lusophone - Portuguese speaking countries.

VK Handa said...

The Lusophony Games (Portuguese: Jogos da Lusofonia)

KnowQout said...

Lusofonia games. The Portugese colony games

Raika Saha said...

Lusofonia Games

Raika Saha said...

Lusofonia Games

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