Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Question # 112

Random Question 112
QM Souvik Basu

Recently two diverse charity organizations named ‘Save the Children’s Syria Appeal’ and ‘Motor Neuron Disease Association’ received some contribution from an individual X.X said that the money he/she gave to these charities was the payment X received when he/she was asked to do Y.

X and Y please


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Anonymous said...

X-Stephen Hawking
Y-England's prediction of winning the FIFA 2014 world cup

VK Handa said...

X-Stephen Hawking.

Y-In a promotional video 'How can England win the World Cup?'-for a betting company, the scientist turns Sports Pundit.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hawking-X
Predicting England's chances of winning the FIFA World Cup. -Y

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