Tuesday, December 20, 2005

World Cup Soccer Quiz

It was quite amazing to get 33 attempts to the quiz ,the highest score was shared by Aditya N Das and Ritendra Ghosh (19.5),hats off to the duo.

The countdown to Germany 2006 has surely started,the groups have been decided,as we eagerly await the Greatest Soccer tournament on earth, here is a set of questions to get your mind working through WC Soccer history

1.In 1934,which was the first country from Africa to participate in the World Cup Football finals?


2.Who was India's lone representative at WC 2002,and in what capacity?

a.Komaleswar sankar.He was the first Indian to officiate in a WC match as assistant referee (linesman)

3.Who is the only coach to have two WC trophies to his credit ?

a.Vittorio Pozzo of Italy,He coached Italy in 1934 and 1938.

4.Who send a telegram to the coach of the 1938 WC winning side just before the final with the words,"Win or Die".Luckily for the coach his side won

.a.Mussolini to Vittorio Pozzo

5.The captain of Hungary at the 1954 WC refused to return to his country after the political uprising of 1956,later went on to represent Spain at the 1962 Wc,though not with much success.

a.Ferenc Puskas

6.What was the name of the official ball at the 2002 soccer WC?


7.Which Polish striker scored 7 goals in 7 matches to become the highest score at the Soccer WC in West Germany,1974?

a.Grezegorz Lato

8.Who was Chile's opponent at the infamous "Battle of Santiago" at the 1962 WC,a match in which two players were marched off and police required to restore order as players punched and kicked each other?


9.Which Brazilian has thew unique distinction of scoring in successive WC final matches of 1958 and 1962?


10.Which footballer nicknamed ,"Little Bird ",was known for his trademark, "banana kick" and the "falling leaf" shot?


11.Which Asian country reached the quarter finals stage of the 1966 WC,before being beaten 4-3 by Portugal to end their dream run?

a.North Korea

12.During my career for West Germany I wore the number 13 shirt which only turned out to be unlucky for my opponents. I hold the record for scoring the most number of goals in the world cup which is 14. I was nicknamed “the bomber”.Who am I ?

a.. Gerd Muller

13.Which world cup winning coach was referred to as “Big Phil” and also called a sergeant because of his strict disciplinarian ways ?

a.Luis Fileppe Scolari

14.If Pele was known as the Black Pearl which great Portuguese footballer was referred to as the “Black Panther”?


15.In relation to WC soccer what links Eric Cantona (France),George Best (N. Ireland),George Weah (lLiberia) and Ryan Giggs (Wales)[note:this is not an exhaustive list]

a.Great players never to have played in WC soccer.

16.Which country refused entry to soccer "GOD!" Diego Maradona as a commentator for his previous conviction for drug offence?


17.In the 1974 soccer WC for which country did Jurgen Sparwasser score,to hand West Germany a shock 0-1 defeat at Hamburg?

a.East Germany

18.When Brazil won the soccer WC in 1994, who did they dedictae their victory to?

a.Ayrton Senna,the F1 legend had tragically passed away a few days back

19.Which star Dutch Footballer refused to travel to Argentina in 1978,citing security reasons follwing the millitary coup by General Videla?

a.Johann Cryuff

20.Alfred Bickel (Switzerland) and Erik Nilson(Sweden) hold a very unique distinction in relation to WC soccer history,what?

a.The only 2 players to "survive the war(WWII)!!",ie they played both in 1938 and 1950 when the WC resumed surviving the 12 year gap.

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