Monday, November 14, 2005

Sports Mania #1

Time for the answers and scores to Sports Mania #

First the scores:

Veena Ramchandran 2,Prateek Vijayavargiya 7, Suhel Banerjee 10, Sachin Maheshwari 8,Sunil Pandey 8, Anurag Singh 4,Kunal Malhotra 5.

1.Formula -1 is set to have a new team from Japan in the 2006 season.The team will be based in Langley, Oxfordshire and use the factory of disbanded F1 team Arrows.Just give me the name of the Japanese star-driver backing this team.

a.Agiro Suzuki

2.The first Arjuna Awardee (1975) in golf passed away recently in Kolkata after losing a battle to throat cancer at the age of 53.He had started out as a caddie and later served as a coach at the RCGC.Who is he ?

a.Sheik Jamshed Ali

3.In 1985-86 in a one day match against Australia,He became the first player (in ODI's) to be given out handled the ball,in the 1989-90 Nehru Cup against Sri Lanka he was given out ,obstructing the field .Though he seemed to have a knack of getting dismissed in unusual ways,he was a great cricketer.Who ?

a. Mohinder 'Jimmy' Amarnath

4.This tennis tournament is held each year in early January or late December in Perth Australia.The winning team receives a silver cup perpetual trophy, and the winning team members are presented with distinctive individual trophies in the shape of a tennis ball encrusted with diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.The championship is named in honour of an Australian tennis player and coach who guided the country to no less than 15 Davis Cup titles in the 1938-1969 period.

a.Hopman Cup

5.The original choice for this had been the Maharajah of Patiala who withdrew because he couldn’t afford the time away from India, his substitute the Maharajah of Porbandar never deserved it on merit, and Porbandar’s brother in law, Limbdi who would have replaced him was injured. It was finally decided upon a commoner from Indore. Tell me who was this person and what was the controversy about ?(sports!)

a.. Colonel C. K. Nayudu, India’s first official test captain.

6.We all know that the Durand Cup is the second oldest football tournament in the world and the oldest in India.Which tournament the second oldest of the country was started in 1889 but died a slow death and was revived by the IFA in 2004?

a.Trades Challenge Cup

7.Which book based on the experiences of British athletes Eric Liddell and his teammate Harold Abrahams was made into an Oscar winning film of the same name in 1961 ?

a..Chariots of Fire

8.Which brand of ball is officially used at Wimbledon?


9.Which club became the first one from Slovakia to win a UEFA Champion's League match in the 2005-06 season ?

a.Armedia Bratislava

10.Which Rock group once designed the shirsts of, and were the sponsors of the Lithuanian Basketball team to the Olympics?

a.Grateful Dead

My apologies to those who didn't like may idea of sharing answers in this round about way

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