Friday, March 24, 2006

The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes.....ANSWERS TO FNQ 1

After a long hiatus I am back with a quiz.If you had visited my quiz-blog earlier you would have noticed that the first posting around a year back was titled FNQ(fortnightly quiz).The quizgroup quizzards_2k4 had this round of quiz set by a member and others answerd or attempted it,well nothing new in that to say the least,this ran for quite some time,and you can access the earlier fnqs from the archives of quizzards_2k4( ). Membership has been opened and any one can join and access the archives.

And another recent initiative is by one of the earliest members Suhel Banerjee ,to revive group activity,through regular postings on his awesome quiz-blog( ) about which you have already have received a mail

In response to the poll conducted as to whether FNQs should be given another try,Almost all membersof quizzards_2k4 responded with a resounding yes So every fortnight I'll be posting a quiz on my blog as well as sending the mails to all the other quizgroups

Thanks for the good response.There were 36 replies in all


Monosij Sinha 20

Sumant Srivathsan 20

Rabi Sankar Saha. 18

suvajit chakroborty 17

Rabidrhymer 15

sandhya raghunathan 13

Chinmaya Holla 13

Dinkar Aiyalyavarapu 13

Chanchal Pati 12

Pallavi K Ray 12

Shafeek M K 11

Abhishek 11

Rohit Nair 11

chikku chikku 10

Nikhil Menon 10


Sadashiv N 8

Rajesh Mohan 8

Shreyas Joshi 7

Karthik Narayan 7

Furhan Ahmed 7

Vinod Saxena 7

Husain Poonawala 6

Ajay Toshniwal 6

abhiroop ganguly 5

jay kumar babu 5

srikant n s 5

samba shiva 4

D Ravikaran 4

Pranav Wankawala 3

Arkadev Ghoshal 3

Arindam Sanyal 2

Senthil Kumar 2

rashmi bagri 1

Ramachandran V 1

Mayukh Guhathakurta 1

FNQ #1

1.Which former England footballer makes an appearance in the opening scene of Basic Instinct sequel Risk Addiction?

ans. Stan Collymore

2. Recently technology is being increasingly used to elimintae errors in umpiring in sports like cricket and tennis. What contribution of Dr Paul Hawkins in 2001 transformed sports broadcasting and umpiring?.

ans. Hawk Eye

3. Which award(not necessarily given each year) is given by the Academy of Motion Pictures,Arts and Sciences to producers whose work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production. Also tell me what is unusual about this award.

ans. Irving G Thalberg Memorial Award.
It is the only award on Oscar night which is not in the form of the Oscar statuette

It was named in honor of the man who became head of production at the Universal Film Manufacturing Co. at the age of 20 and three years later vice president and head of production for Louis B. Mayer. A year later, Mayer's studio became part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) with Thalberg assuming the position of vice president and supervisor of production. Over the next eight years MGM became Hollywood's most prestigious film studio, with Thalberg personally supervising the studio's top productions. Thalberg died of pneumonia in 1936 at the age of 37. The following year, the Academy instituted the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.

4.Which film was nominated in 5 categories at the 78th Oscar awards,but failed to win a single award.

ans. Munich
Nominated for adapted screenplay,best motion picture,Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score),
Achievement in film editing ,Achievement in directing

I have accepted Good Night and Good Luck as well.

5.Her real first name was Roma,born in Patna in 1934,she studied at Shantiniketan for 4 years and made her acting dbeut in an unrealeased film in 1952.In 1953 her film career was launched opposite another graet actor,and the pair ruled screens for several years.Who is the actress I am talking of?

ans. Suchitra Sen

6.This author began writing while in University and won a competetion with a short story called "Dileas".He served as a torpedo man during WWII and was captured and tortured by the Japanese,later worked as a teacher.His war experiences formed the basis of most books.In 1960 to prove that his books sold due to their content and not his name he wrote two novels under a pseudonym.Identify the author.

ans. Alistair Maclean

7. The founders of this famous software company were working on a consulting project for the CIA (Central Intelligence
Agency). The code name for the project gave the name of the company they founded.Which company

ans Oracle
Larry Elison and Bob Oats were working on the CIA project aclled ORACL:E

8.Annie Lennox, Guns n' Roses, Def Leppard, Elton John, George Michael, David Bowie, Metallica, and Liza Minnelli performed together at Wembley stadium in London on April 20,1992 to pay tribute to which musician ?

ans.Freddie Mercury

9.Which country recently adopted a new flag to include eight stars instead of seven on the original design ?

ans. Venezuela

10 After which American physicist ,best known for inventing the cyclotron--- a device used to accelerate nuclear particles, is the elememnt with symbol Lr and atomic number 103 is named ?

ans. Ernest Lawrence (Lawrencium)

11.What links Focaccia in Italy, halkaka in Finland ,mankoush in Lebanon and pistolet in Belgium ?

ans. Different Breads

12. What significant contribution was made to the world of rock music by 24 children,aged 13-14 then, from the Islington Green School in London around 25 years back. Though the students didnot receive any money, the school was paid a 1000 pounds then.

ans: .They were the boys and girls in the school choir who performed the chorus in Pink Floyd's ,Another Brick in The Wall. According to the 1996 Copyright Act the students are supposed to get royalties everytime this 'Youngsters's Anthem' is broadcast on radio or TV

13. In the world of fiction how is Englishman Charles Calthrop better known as ?

ans.Jackal(Day of the jackal-Fredrick Forsyth)
In French ChaCal means jackal

14.After which Italian born American physicist is the unit of length equal to10^-15(10 raised to minus 15) commonly used in nuclear and atomic physics named ?

ans.Enrico Fermi

15.The founder of this successful e-business company wanted to call its website “Cadabra” as in “abracadabra”, which company and who was the founder?

ans.,Jeff Bezoes


16This is the logo of an award given out annaully by the Golden Raspberry Foundation to honour something.Identify the award .

Ans. Razzies.They celebrate the worst cinematic achievements

17..Identify this famous Belgian,who used a pseudonym (by which most of us know him) created from the French pronounciation of "R.G" ?

Ans. Herge

18. Identify the person on the left presenting the Jules Rimet trophy to Dr Raul Jude of the Uruguayan soccer federation, after Uruguay defeated Argentina in the 1930 world cup finals.

Ans. Jules Rimet himself

19.Identify the former Australian Open Champion on the right of John McEnroe,who died in a tragic accident of carbon mono oxide poisoning in 1994?

Ans. Vitas Gerlaitis

20 .The visual shows the cast of a popular Australian tv soap opera.Which Aussie sports personality made aguest appearance in this series?

Ans. Shane Warne

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