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FNQ #2....Back with A Bang(Answers Revealed..)

The answers to edition 2 of the FNQ series is out.The second edition saw 39 replies, Comments and suggestions on this quiz can be sent to

The Scores:

Bee Gee 20
Amit kumar De 16
Chanchal Pati 16
Vinayak Sapru 15.5
Shashank Rath 15.5
Pallavi Roy 15
Prateek Vijayavargia 14
Rajiv Rai 14
Kamal Rathi 13
Vinod Saxena 13
Sandhya Raghunathan 13
Hobbes 12
Rachit parekh 11
Rabidrhymer 10.5
Debratna Nag 10
Kunal Teke 9
Abid EH 9
Shafeek MK 9
Sadhasiv N 8
Dinkar Aiyalyavarapu 6.5
Arindam Sanyal 6
Abhirup Ganguly 6
Senthil Kumar PK 5
Rajesh Mohan 5
Varun Rddy 5
BM 4.5
Furhan Ahmed 4
Srikant NS 4
Ritesh Sinha 4
Priyadarshan Shirodkar 3
Nandana Nandakumar 3
Ramanan Natrajan 3
Nikhil Narayanan 2.5
K Harshith Ajila 2
Ramachandran V 2
Ketan Pradhan 1
Rashmi Bagri 1
Anubhav Rastogi 1
Ravi chand 1

Hope that everyone liked the quiz

1.Dwayne van der Sluis and Andrew Akers are credited to be the inventors of this sport. It involves a person getting strapped up inside an enormous plastic air cushioned ball and going down for a quick roll down a slope. The diameter of the sphere is around 10 to 12 feet depending on the number of people harnessed inside. What do you call this sport originated in New Zealand ?

Ans. Zorbing

2. Much acclaimed Italian director Nanni Moratti’s film ,”The Cayman” is based on the life of which statesman ?

Ans. Silvio Berlusconi

3.“Its bigger than I thought it was,” he said of the 14 and half inch ,18 carat trophy. Who said this describing what ?

Ans. Wayne Rooney describing the FIFA World Cup trophy.

4.How is lead guitarist Saul Hudson of the rock band Velvet Revolver popularly known as ?


5.Both Tiger Woods and Arjun Atwal are members of which golf club ?

Ans. Isleworth

6.Litterateur Manohar Shyam Joshi who passed away recently transformed Indian Television entertainment with which 2 serials ?

Ans. Humlog and Buniyaad

7. Identify the animal in the picture. It is a nocturnal animal which feeds on ants and termites.

8. Selman Abraham Waksman discovered streptomycin in 1944, to treat tuberculosis. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1952. What commonly used term did he first use in describing streptomycin?

Ans. Antibiotic

10. ____ _____ is originally a sportswriter's term, but it has nothing to do with the number four. The term was first used in 1937 by the New York Herald-Tribune sportswriter Caswell Adams. He used it in reference to the unofficial conference of teams also known as the Old Ten. Fill up the blanks

Ans. Ivy League

11. Developed by Wilbur Scoville in 1912 what does the Scoville Health Unit or SHU measure ?

Ans. The degree of hotness of chilli or pepper

12. The lead performer of the rock band, “The Ordinary Fear of God”, created quite a controversy by smoking on stage during a live performance in his native country flouting anti tobacco laws. Who is the person in question?

Ans. Russel Crowe

13. Which South American hosts the late night chat show, “La Noche Del Diez”?

Ans. Diego Maradona

14. Saif Ali Khan now holds the distinction of becoming the first Indian to appear on an Australian postage stamp. His performance at the concluding ceremony at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne was featured on the stamp.
Give me the names of either of the two film personalities before him who were featured in a postage stamp of a foreign country

Ans. Satyajit Ray and Madhabi Mukherjee

The Republic of Dominica brought out stamps commemorating 50 years of the Berlin film festival. While one stamp featured Ray the other had the still from his award winning film “Mahanagar” featuring Madhabi Mukherjee

15. Which small pacific island’s name means-”look, a coconut”. It has a highly profitable domain name (like .in means India) on the internet which means – “now“ in Swedish. But this domain name was sold to a former computer magazine editor(American), thus denying the government of useful revenue

Ans. Niue (.nu)

16.What were these 8 eminent persons referred to as. The logo in the background may serve as a clue

Ans. Traitorous Eight or Fairchildren or Fairchild Eight.

These are the eight people who left Shockley Semiconductor laboratories to form Fairchild semiconductors. Later Noyce and Moore formed Intel

17.The famous logo of which corporate was designed by Professor Vaughan Pratt of Stanford University

Ans. SUN

18.What connects the 3 people shown in the visual below apart from all being writers or poets of acclaim.

Ans. The three people are Ernst Hemmingway,Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath.

They had all committed suicide

9. Identify this person, who founded a medical research institute named after him in the 1953.
His actual profession or line of business has not been mentioned so as not to make the answer too obvious

Ans. Howard Hughes-The Aviator

19.Identify the sportswoman in the picture and her claim to fame

Ans. Belinda Clark. The only person to score a double century in ODIs

20.Which company’s logo is referred to as the “coffee ring”?


ANSWERS and Scores to FNQ will be put up on Saturday 22nd April,2006.

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