Sunday, April 23, 2006

FNQ #3...ANSWERS revealed

This is the third edition of FNQs. This quiz focusses mainly on Business and Technology.It is my first attempt at any quiz on such a subject.
This edition saw the number of replies crossing the half century mark.51 replies in all.
The highest score was 19. Four people topped the quiz
Sushil Vasishta
Arijit Mukhopadhyay
Shashank Rath
Rohan D'Souza


1.Which country advertises itself to attract more tourists with the tag line-“Small Island, Big Trip”?
Ans. Sri Lanka

2 This piece of women’s clothing turns 60 this year. Les Galleries Lafayette will be holding an exhibition in its homage and the publisher Assouline has brought out a 396 page book based on its history. In 1946 an automobile engineer Louis Reard designed this when he took over his mother’s boutique. The clothing item was a huge failure, being banned by the Vatican, Spain and Portugal and Italy, though today it’s a different story. What am I talking of?
Ans. Bikini

3.With which FMCG brand would you associate,” Uncommon Sense”?
Ans. Marico

4. In 1881 an AC alternator driven by a water mill, was used to provide the world’s first electric street lighting. This was in a town called Goldaming in UK. This company which had manufactured the AC Alternator had earlier laid down the first long distance telegraph line in Europe spanning 500 km back in 1848. Which company are we talking of ?
Ans. Siemens

5. The world’s largest online gambling is owned by an IITian based in UK. This person recently made into the billionaire’s list in UK with a personal fortune of 1.7 billion pounds. Identify this businessman
Ans. Anurag Dikshit

6. Info Edge- the group behind the job portal and matrimonial site made a foray into online real estate business by launching a web portal in September 2005. What is it called?

7.Which Indian company sells notebook computers or laptops under the brand name-Little Genius?
Ans. Wipro

8.The book ,”I Too Had A Dream” tells the story of which famous Indian?
Ans. Verghese "Amul" Kurien

9.It was created in April 1946 by Enrico Piaggio ,an aircraft manufacturer looking for new post war markets, and Corradino D’Ascanio ,the aeronautical engineer and helicopter designer. Its elevation to a national icon status came with a famous 1953 film.
What am I talking about?
Ans. The Vespa. The film is off course Roman Holiday

10.Jen Hsun Huang is the CEO of which US based technology company?
Ans. Nvidia

11.Identify the person shown in the visual.
Ans. Ajit Balakrishnan,CEO of Rediff

12.In October 2003 Motorola decided to spin off its semiconductor products business into a separate company. What is the company known as?
Ans. Freescale Semiconductors

13. Geophysical Services Incorporated (GSI) a pioneering provider of seismic exploration services to the petroleum industry during and after World war II made a foray into electronics and designed products for the US army and navy. How is the company today better known as?
Ans. Texas Instruments

14.”Bring Enjoyment and Quality to Life” is the motto of which Taiwan Based company?

15. Whose autobiography begins with the lines
“Bystanders have no history of their own. They are on the stage but not part of the action. They are not even audience…”
Ans. Peter Drucker. Adventures of a Bystander

16. Identify the book and the author
Ans. The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen

17. What very commonly used item/commodity comes in three designs-brick, candy bar and clam shell?
Ans. Cell Phones

18. Progeon is the BPO arm of which Indian IT major?
Ans. Infosys

19.The person in the visual started business as a rice trader, became a successful business tycoon (millionaire) by launching something in India in 1992. Identify the person
Ans. Subhas Chandra. Zee TV

20.Identify the corporate from the logo

Ans.Cap Gemini
Happy Quizzing

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