Monday, July 31, 2006


After a long gap I am back with the 5th edition of FNQs.This edition is special in the way that it relates to not so popular sports

1.Floyd Landis became the third American to win the Tour De France,when he won it this year.Can you name the first American to win the Tour De France.He won in 1986,1989 and 1990.(!The second person was of course Lance Armstrong)

a. Greg Lemond

2.Which game originated in the 19th century at Harrow school in London and was derived from a game called Racquets?

a. Squash

3.The official name of this sport is Takkyu in Japan and it is called Tak-Ku in Korea.English manufacturers of this sport's equipments trademarked the more popular name in 1901,they later sold the rights to the name to Parker Brothers in the US. Just give me the name of the sport

a. Table Tennis.The name Ping Pong was trademarked

4.The inventor of this game called it Mintonette designed as a pastime preferably to be played indoors by any number of players.The game is supposed to have derived its characteristics from tennis and handball.Which game?

a. Volleyball

5.This essentially Asian sport is played with a ball made of cane or rattan.The sport date backs to the 15th century when it was first played by indigenous Malays.It is played between two teams having 3 players each.Give me the sport?

a.Sepak Takraw

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