Monday, November 06, 2006

My first corporate quiz.....

Recently I attended a corporate quiz organised by BIM Trichy as part of their fest,in Chennai on the 4th of November.It was a realisation that I could no longer participate in a quiz as a college student...I seemed to have grown older a little......Things didn't go as well I had expected as we failed to qualify for the finals which included 6 teams

The quizmaster was Mr Giri "Pickbrain" balasubramanium.The questions were compiled by his Team Greycaps

There was a pleasant surprise in store for me as one of the questions in the prelims was based on the organisation I work for...For me it was the question of the day

The final round was nerve wracking and a closely fought one with SANMAR group bagging the top honours.They were followed by the brilliant Infosys team and the seasoned campaigners from Citibank,Sify,ICICI Lombard and WYSE technologies were the other teams vying for the honours...

Here are the question of the prelims...

1.Literally this surface to air missile means lightning in Hebrew. It was developed as a joint venture between Israel Aircrafts industries and RAFAEL. Identify the missile?


2.Which retail giant is expected to enter India in early 2007 through the local partner RPG enterprises with Mumbai and Delhi being preferred location of its stores ?


3.The company was incorporated as BSKH plc in England in 1999. Its NYSE ticker is CGA. How do we know the company today?


4. Which sportsperson has recently become the director of a pharma company called db Bio Pharma India which is a joint venture with Invent Pharmaceuticals ,USA ?

a. Abhinav Bindra

5.Visual. Identify the person

a.KP Singh of DLF

6.Dialpad Communications Inc, Kelkoo SA and Ludicorp Research and Development Ltd. are all subsidiaries of which company ?


7. This company was founded in 1991 as Hughes Software Systems . It became Flextronics Software Systems in 2004.How do we know the company today ?


8. If you are in the business of importing and exporting Beverly Hills, Cat’s Head, English Beauty, Lord Nelson etc. Which fruit are you doing business in ?

a. Apples

9.Visual. “Live without a plan”

a. Virgin Mobile is a property portal launched by which company ?

a.Times group

11 Which company would you associate Tulsi Tanti, one of the top richest persons in India today ?

a. Suzlon

12.Divided into three categories ,the ______ awards are distributed every year by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India on the auspicious day of _______ puja. The awards are given to employees of industrial undertakings, mines, plantations and docks in recognition of their outstanding innovative contributions leading to improvement in productivity of their own area of work .Identify the award.


13.Which organization’s primary slogan reads “The future of Britain”?

a.labour party

14.Visual. Identify the company from the logo/ mascot.


15.By what name do we know the group of professionals who calculate insurance risks and premiums and compute probability of occurrence of such events such as birth, marriage, illness , accident and death ?


16.In 1776 this economist was appointed commissioner of customs of Scotland. His Essays on Philosophical subjects (1795) was published after his death. Identify?

a.Adam Smith

17.Which company owns Picasa,a software that helps find, edit and share pictures in a Computer ?


18. Which company opened its Sahagunj plant this week thus bringing to life one of the oldest tyre plants in Asia. (Hint! Pawan Ruia is the chairman)

19.This company was founded in 2005 by Steve Chen and Chad Hurley , after being frustrated by the difficulties of sharing video files. Initially it received funds from investment firm Sequoia Capital.It was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. Identify the company ?


20.Visual. Identify the company from the logo.


TIE_BREAKER questions

21Which Indian company is entering the US market with flavored and vitamin water under the brand Apple tree.


22.Indian Railways is planning to set up 100 budget hotels across the country under what brand name ?

a.Rail ratna

23.The newly formed marketing arm of Staachi and Staachi markets Sachin Tendulkar. Name it.


24.Visual. Company logo

25. Visual . Company logo

a. Bell Ceramics

Sorry I cannot provide the visuals in the quiz

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