Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Here is the seventh edition of FNQs.The focus once again is IT..but this quiz is certainly not meant only for the computer whiz-kids.Anybody can give it a try.

Its IT once again

Looking for a great response

1.The book "Bangalore Tiger" by Steve Hamm,senior writer for BusinessWeek speaks of the transformation and impact on the tech services industry of which Indian IT major ?

ans. Wipro

2.Which American telecom company became the first to offer selected clips of YouTube to its mobile services subscribers?

ans. Verizon Wireless

3.Which 4 year old Google service will soon be discontinued perhaps a rare ocassion of losing to rivals Yahoo and Microsoft ?


4.Identify the person in the visual.He invented something which most people use todayin offices while working at Xerox PARC in 1973(visual)

ans.Robert Metcalfe,Ethernet

5.This company was founded in 1995 as Digital Certificates International by a handful of people working for RSA Security.Its mission is to provide trust for the internet and e-commerce through certification of products and services.Identify the company.

ans. Verisign

6.This person created the original EMACS text editor for UNIX.Though he is more well kinown for his other revolutionary contribution to the IT world Identify(Visual)

ans. james Gosling,java

7.The visual is of the IBM 305 RAMAC computer introduced by IBM in September 1956.RAMAC stood for random access method for accounting and control.What first was achieved by this gigantic ;-) machine ?

ans First computer with a hard disk drive

8.Who was Forbes Asia's "Businessman of the Year-2006"?

ans. Nandan nilekani

9.Which IT company derives its name from the Hawaian for intelligent or clever?

ans. Akamai Technologies

10 This Danish softawre engineer working presently for Microsoft was the man behind J++,Windows Foundation Classes and C #( C Sharp).Identify

ans Anders hejlsberg

Happy Quizzing

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