Monday, November 06, 2006


Recently I was pondering over the idea of changing the name of this series of quiz,as I hardly post every fortnight.None the less the sixth edition of FNQ is back.Its time to give the answers and scores

There were 30 replies in all

First the scores:
Srikanth Nori 9

Venkateswaran Vishwanathan 9

Ujjwal Kabra 8

Anirban Sen 7

Martin Johnson 7

Sangeeta Banerjee 7

Ameya Maroldkar 6

Rajiv Dsilva 6

Santanu Dey 6

Sheetal Koul 6

Prasoon Ranjan 6

Murali Dugginei 6

Debjit Gupta 6

McNeil Ivan Suresh 6

Pranav Agarwal 6

Nikhil Narayanan 5

Ritika S 5

Jacob Dijo 5

Rajimuth 5

Sadashiv 5

Rohit Jain 4

Ajay Parasuram 4

Chandan Sahi 3.5

Chanchal Pati 3

Anant Singhania 1

Debojyoti Adhikari 1

Srinidhi Rai 1

Prateek Vijayavargiya 1

Balaji Krishnan 1

Dushyant Mani

Send in your views to within the next seven days

IT Quiz

1.While browsing the net you often encounter a Captcha.Can you tell me what a captcha is?

ans:It is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.
This test actually determines or confirmas that you are a human when you sign up or subscribe to services like mailing groups.

Many people got this one correct

2.What is Yahoo's webguide and search engine for kids called?

ans. Yahooligans!!

3.This mathematical term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was popularized in the book, "Mathematics and the Imagination" by Kasner and James Newman.Today it has given rise to something which has changed how the world seeks knowledge or information.Give me the word.


It is not Google as many have answered.The name Google origianted from this word

4.What is the specific connection :US Government, Apple Macintosh, Linux, BSD and Microsoft ?

ans. They are all Google Special Searches

5.What extension (such as .com,.in,.org) does the proposed official website of the Board of Control for Cricket in India have?

ans. .tv

6. A9 is a search engine offered by which internet giant ?


7. What started in 1994 as a research project in the company called Telenor (Norway's largest Telecom company),and later became an independent softawre company named after its most famous suite of products in 1995.The company's name though means something unrelated to information technology

ans, Opera web browser

8. The first company to perhaps provide a wiki application to web users was recently taken over by Google.Name the company?

ans. JotSpot

9. Identify the gentleman on the extreme left getting down from the bus.

ans. Alan Turing

10.Identify the person,who must surely feature in any IT related quiz.
ans. Tim Bernes Lee.The inventor of world wide web.

Happy Quizzing! :-)

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