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FNQ 10 - The Business Potpourri...

The tenth edition of fnq's focuses on business in general and for a change not on Technology and IT.It contains a good mix of questions ranging from food to advertising.Hope that you enjoy the quiz
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Happy Quizzing :)

1.Identify the advertiser

Ans.Bausch and Lomb contact lenses
The image of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose without his spectacles should have served as a clue.Unfortunately no one got this correct

2.English school teacher Robert Cawdrey's 120 page book ,first published in 1604 was the world's first ______ ________.Fill up the two blanks.

Ans.English Dictionary.
It was known as the Table Alphabetical.Mentioning tthe name Table Alphabetical does not fetch any points

3.This gentleman's face can be easily spotted in advertisements of the company he started.The first outlet of the company was opened in Salt Late City ,Utah in 1952.Who is this person ?

Ans.Colonel H Sanders who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC

4.This magazine was started by Henry Luce,the cofounder of TIME magazine in 1930.Single copies of that first issue cost $1 at a time when the Sunday New York Times was only 5cents At a time when business publications were little more than numbers and statistics printed in black and white, it was an oversized 11"x14", using creamy heavy paper, and art on a cover printed by a special process.It is now published as a biweekly .Identify

Ans. Fortune magazine

5. Simple question.Just give me the quizzing connect in the visual below

Ans. Tata Crucible.
The image on the left was that of a crucible and Westside is owned by Tatas.The hint was there in the question itself.Most people got the Tata part correct but could not identify the crucible.

6.Which Taiwan based company that manufactures various computer parts and PDA's is named after the famed winged horse of grrek mythology ?


Many people gave Pegasus,the Greek winged horse, as the answer,but it does not fetch any points since ASUS was the company I wa looking for

7.Identify the European bank(much inthe news these days) whose head-quarters is shown in the visual below.

Ans.Societe Genarale.
In the news as insider trading by one of its employees,Jerome Kerviel led to 7 billion $ loss for the bank.

8.It all started in 1925, when two engineers, Peter_____ and Svend ______, began a modest production of radios in the attic of Svend's family home, 'Quistrup'. The company was founded on 17 November that same year by the two young engineers who shared a passion for radio transmissions.The first commercially viable product to bear the company's name was the Eliminator in 1927. The Eliminator enabled a radio to be connected directly to the mains rather than being battery-operated which had been previously the norm. That same year, production moved to a new, purpose-built factory just outside the town of Struer .Simple design with a touch of magic! is the design philosophy of this company which manufactures high end products known for their performance , durability and classic design.Identify the company named after the surnames of its founders.

Ans.Bang and Olufsen

9. * The quality of the products
* The mastery of flavor and cooking
* The "personality" of the cuisine
* The value for the money
* The consistency between visits

These are the 5 parameters for awarding what ?

Ans. The criteria for awarding Michelin Stars to a restaurant.

10.This company was founded in 1984 and headquartered at Burlingame ,California. Officially it was a service business for blood and urine analysis and food supplements.The founder of this company was a musician who played bass guitar for the group "Tower Power" in the seventies.Tetrahydrogestrinone also known as "The Clear" was the most infamous product of the company.Identify the company and its founder ?

Ans.BALCO(Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative ),Victor Conte


Nishanth said...

1. Peerless
2. Table Alphabeticall
3. Colonel Sanders
4. Fortune
5. Tata
6. Pegasus
7. Northern Rock
8. Bang and Olufsen
9. Michelin Ratings
10. BALCO of the Drug scandal

Aniruddha Biswas said...


You have 5 correct answers :)

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