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FNQ 11 - The Business and History of Brands

The eleventh edition of FNQs again focusses on business.
Though history was a subject I absolutely hated in school brand and company history forms an integral part of the quiz,so my apologies in advance for people who cannot stand history ;)

There was an amazing number of replies to the quiz 62 in all.

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1.Khwaja Abdul Hamied set sail for Europe in 1924 and got admission in Berlin University as a research student of "The Technology of Barium Compounds". He earned his doctorate three years later.In 1935, he set up The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories.How is this company better known as ?


2..The company was founded in 1869 by the German Henry John _____ in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, United States.The company was originally named the Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works.The company's famous slogan, "57 Varieties", was chosen by Henry in 1896 after he saw an advertisement for "21 varieties of shoes" in an elevated train car in New York.In actuality, the company was producing over sixty different products at the time, but he chose the number 57 because the numbers "5" and "7" held a special significance for him and his wife .Identify the company.

Ans. Heinz

3.Which company owns the brand Dettol ( parachlorometaxylenol ) ?

Ans. Reckitt Benckiser

4..Harrisons Malayalam Limited is India’s largest rubber plantation company with nine major rubber plantations, and the second largest tea producer in south India, owning 10 tea plantations. The rubber and tea plantations are spread over more than 20,000 hectares of land in South India.Mountain Mist, Harrisons Gold, Spencer’s and Surya are well established tea
brands in South India.Which Indian business group owns .Harrisons Malayalam Limited ?

Ans.RPG Group

5.This company began as BHI, which stood for "Beverly Hills Internet" in 1994, a small Web hosting and development company in Southern California.David Bohnett and John Rezner were the founders The company also created their own Web directory, organized thematically in six "neighborhoods" such as "SiliconValley" (for technology) and "SunsetStrip" (for nightlife and
music). In mid-1995, the company decided to offer users (thereafter known as "Homesteaders") the ability to develop free home pages within those neighborhoods. Chat, bulletin boards, and other elements of "community" were added soon after, helping foster rapid growth.In January 1999,the company was purchased by Yahoo for $3.57 billon.Identify?

Ans. Geocities

6. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd started its first cafe in Brigade Road,Bangalore in 1996.Today it is spread across 69 Indian cities and has around 436 outlets.How are their cafe's better known as ?

Ans Cafe Coffee day

7.The company was founded in 1895 and opened its first factory in Wattens,Austria.In 1988 the company changed its original logo,the Edelweiss flower to that of a Swan.Identify ?

Ans Swarovski

8.(Visual ) Identify the brand being advertised .


9.(Visual )Identify the logo .

Ans.Blu Ray
10(Visual).Identify the online travel portal behind this ad.

Happy Quizzing

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Vipul said...

Hey! I dunt kno even if u read this, but if u read it-
I know a couple of visuals-
One is the camel Cigarettes
and another is the BLURAY DISK
Rest i dint try.
anyway gud questions

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