Thursday, April 10, 2008

FNQ 13 - The Lucky 13 Quiz

There were 20 responses to the thirteenth edition of fnqs, and 2 response through blog comments.

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1.Which Finnish Rock band's songs are featured as the ending song of computer game Max Payne 2 and in the computer benchmarking software 3dMark 05?

Ans. Poets of the Fall

2.What is common to the following non exhaustive list of companies,Agilent Technologies Inc,United States Steel Corporation,Alleghany Corporation,Ford Motor Company,Genpact,AT&T Inc.

Ans. Single letter ticker symbol in NYSE.
A Agilent Technologies Inc.
F Ford Motor Company
G Genpact
X United States Steel Corporation
Y Alleghany Corporation

3.A distinctive feature of the publishers of this series of books is the length of time their books are available to buy. They publish a set number of books each month which are sent to subscribers and displayed on stands in bookshops. At the end of the month, any unsold copies in the shops are withdrawn and pulped. Titles are available to buy direct from the official website for 3 months or until they are sold out, whichever is sooner. Again, any remaining books are disposed of. Fans looking for particular books after this time must find them second-hand.

Ans. Mills and Boon

4.This company was founded in Bunnythorpe, New Zealand. Originally a baby food manufacturer processing local milk into an early baby food by the same name, which was sold in the 1930s under the slogan "______ builds bonny babies"Today the company is known by some other name after several mergers.Identify ?

Ans. Glaxo

5.Pfizer has recently launched a drug called Champix in India.Priced at Rs 9,500 for a 12-week therapy, Champix (varenicline) has entered the Indian market in less than two years of its launch in the US, and before its launch in neighbouring markets such as China and Japan.GlaxoSmithKline’s Zyban (buproprion) is a similar drug.What do these two medicines or drugs cure ?

Ans. Nicotine addiction / Smoking

6.In 1860 Henry Varnum____ published History of Railroads and Canals in the United States. This book was an attempt to compile comprehensive information about the financial and operational state of U.S. railroad companies.In 1906 Luther Lee Blake founded the _____ Statistics Bureau, with the view to providing financial information on non-railroad companies. Instead of an annually published book they would use 5' x 7' cards, allowing for more frequent updates.The company as it is known today was formed in 1941 with the merger of Henry Varnum's Publishing arm and Luther Lee Blake's company.Identify?

Ans. Standard & Poor

7.What is unusual about these Google logos ?

Ans Fictitious products or Google hoaxes as part of April Fool joke
8.Identify the website from the logo.

Ans Wikileaks
9. Identify the organization from the advertisement.

Ans National Geographic

Link for the Ad
10.Momofuko Ando was convicted of tax evasion in 1948 and served two years in jail. In his biography, he says he had provided scholarships for students, which at the time was a form of tax evasion. After he lost his company due to a chain reaction bankruptcy, he founded what was to become ______ in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan, starting off as a small family-run company producing salt.With Japan still suffering from a shortage of food in the post-war era, the Ministry of Health tried to encourage people to eat bread made from wheat flour that was supplied by the United States.On August 25, 1958, at the age of 48, and after months of trial and error experimentation, Ando finally perfected his flash-frying method and invented the __________.Fill up the two blanks.

Ans Nissin,Instant Noodles.

The savior of bachelors ;D

Just saying noodles does not fetch you points ,since noodles existed much earlier to this.


manas.nayak said...

2.Single word ticker all of them
4.Glaxo Smithkline
5.Treatment for smoking addiction,Nicotine gum
7.all these are google pranks on fool's day it played

nice questions...

u can visit my blog also namely
I am just a toddler in quiz.Not a master like you.Kindly give me a feedback.


Mr.Bay Leaf

The Freak said...

1. Poets of the fall
3. mills and Boon
5. they r both 4 d treatment of nicotine addiction
7. r they all fake???

The Freak said...

hello sir.

heres my blog

lookin forward to ur response

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