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FNQ 12 - The Cricket Quiz

An extremely high scoring quiz.36 replies in all and out of which 6 people got all answers correct

The twelfth edition of FNQ is dedicated to our national pastime cricket,With all the hoopla surrounding IPL and ICL,to give you cricket lovers a break the quiz does not carry any questions regarding the T-20 version

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1.This cricketer was considered as perhaps the greatest all rounder of his time,In all, he took 1,109 first-class wickets with a bowling average of 10.32 He was also a fine batsman (4,140 first-class runs with a batting average of 14.12, an average which was very good for the time!! ).He retired from cricket in 1863 at the relatively early age of 37 as a result of rheumatism . In later years, among other things, began selling cricket equipment in Leamington Spa .He was posthumously selected as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1913, 50 years after his retirement from first-class cricket.identify the cricketer ?

Ans. John Wisden. So a googly to start the quiz

2.2.The first overseas visit of leading English cricketers was planned by John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset, who was a strong player himself. Dorset, who had recently been an ambassador to France, where he had promoted cricket, arranged a tour to that country in 1789. Whilst it is unclear as to whom they were going to play against, the team did get as far as being assembled in Dover, ready for the cross-Channel trip to France.This became the first instance for a tour to be canceled due to political reason.Just give me the reason why the tour got canceled ?

Ans.French Revolution

3.Identify the two cricketers .They were in the news recently.

Ans.Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy
There world record opening stand of 413 runs in test matches was eclipsed by Greame smith and Niel Mackenzie against Bangladesh

4.For what achievement in cricket does the ICC award the "Gold Bails" and the "Bronze Bails".

Ans.Bronze bails:For umpiring in 100 ODIs and Gold Bails:For umpiring in 100 test matches

5.This English cricketer claimed a career best figures of 5-40 and 9 wickets for the match at the Bradman Oval,Bowral in February 2008 and was instrumental in England's reclaiming the Ashes(Women's edition).A right arm fast medium bowler, she made her Test debut at the age of 17 against India in 2002 when she was named BBC Asian Network Sports Personality of the Year.She plays her county cricket for Berkshire.Identify

Ans Isa Guha
6.The original choice for this had been the Maharajah of Patiala who withdrew because he couldn’t afford the time away from India, his substitute the Maharajah of Porbandar never deserved it on merit, and Porbandar’s brother in law, Limbdi who would have replaced him was injured. It was finally decided upon a commoner from Indore. Tell me who was this person and what was the controversy about ?

Ans.Colonel C K Naydu.The controversy is of course regrding choosing India's first official test captain

7.The ICC cricket awards for 2007 featured only one Indian in the winners list.Who was the cricketer and in what category was the award ?

Ans.Jhulan Goswami.ICC Woman Cricketer of the year

8.This question has appeared in several quizzing forums/groups earlier.In the visual below W G Grace is seen endorsing a brand.Identify the brand.

Ans. Colman's Mustard

9.This Canadian cricketer scored a 67 ball century against West Indies in 2003 cricket World Cup.Identify ?

Ans. John Davison
10.Which former cricketer was selected to represent his country in Hockey at the 1992 Barcelona olympic games ?

Ans. Johnty Rhodes

Happy Quizzing


Leonine said...

1. John Wisden
2. The French Revolution
3. pankaj Roy and Vinoo mankad (their record was broken by Graeme Smith and Neil Mckenzie)
4. Umpiring in 100 tests (Gold) and 100 ODIs (Bronze)
5. Isa Guha
6. C.K.Nayudu, captain of the first Indian test team
7. Colman's Mustard
8. John Davison
9. Jonty Rhodes

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