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This is the sixth among the series of quizzes we have planned as part of the celebration of 5 years of the Quizzards_2k4 yahoo group.This is a Business Quiz

1. When it was suggested to X that he might be able to devise superior one his response was to shout, "You want to do away with the only thing that keeps women quiet - their ____!" In spite of his less than respectful attitude toward women, X was ready to do whatever was needed to sell Y. To convince people that women really could operate these intricate mechanisms he used women to demonstrate Y to potential buyers. He advertised that even a child could handle one. Y were also promoted as a timesaver that would leave women with more time to take care of their families.Identify X and Y.X is a person, Y is a product. A blank has been left for obvious reasons.

Ans.X- Issac Singer, Y- Sewing Machine

2. In 2006, ___ started its "turn to 30" campaign to inspire consumers to use cool water so that energy can be saved. In October 2008, ____ launched their new Excel Gel product which can be used in temperatures as low as 15 degrees celsius. This product was launched under the brand's "cold is the new hot" campaign. Which brand?

Ans. Ariel

3. In the movie Ghostbusters , there is a character named "Stay Puft Marshmallow man". Who or what are said to be the inspiration of character ?

Ans. Michelin Man and Pilsbury Dough Boy

4. About this widely used 'product' in World War II, it was said that it could do anything but talk. 'Product' in a very broad sense of the term. The first prototype of it was the Bantam BRC. It is also said to be the oldest SUV. Which product?

Ans. Jeep

5. It was designed by Maurice Wilks. It is said that he was inspired by an American World War II Jeep that he used one summer at his holiday home in Wales. It is considered the second oldest SUV. What is it?


6. An ad of Absolut Vodka. Absolut _______?


7. Identify the advertiser.

Ans. Helpage
8. Joseph started this company in 1875 in New York. The company made watches and clocks. Today its a part of Loews Corporation. However, the company's product still continues to feature in many quizzes because it has a first to its credit. Which company and why?

Ans.Bulova Watches.

Bulova paid $4 for the world's first television commercial, a July 1, 1941 placement on New York station WNBT before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies

9. In the game, available on the website,, a player is given a chance to hit X's face with rotten eggs as many times possible within 30 seconds.Within days of its launch, the game has already been played more than 100,000 times, with a few playing it over and over again, as per the information on the website of the game. Some have gathered more than 20,000 points in the process.The website has already had more than 4,00,000 hits.
As per the latest data, the top-scorer has managed to hit 18 eggs within the stipulated time.
The website also urges you to challenge your friends and provides the opportunity of winning an i-Pod.X?

Ans. Ramalinga Raju

10. The society's historical mission is "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical, and natural resources." Its President and CEO since March 1998, John M. Fahey, Jr., says its purpose is to inspire people to care about their planet. The Society is governed by a twenty-three member Board of Trustees composed of a group of distinguished educators, leading business executives, former governmental officials, and conservationists.The Society publishes an official journal (a magazine which bears the same name as the society), and other magazines, books, school products, maps, other publications, web and film products in numerous languages and countries around the world. It also has an educational foundation that gives grants to education organizations and individuals to enhance geography education. Which society?

Ans.National Geographic


Ayyappa said...

1) Isaac Singer, Singer sewing machine
2) Ariel Excel Gel
4) Jeep
6) St. Gobain

8) Bulova
9) Ramalinga raju

Thinking on my feet..but with a touch of emotion said...

1. Singer, sewing machine
2. Ariel
3. Peter O Boyle, security guard Columbi Pictures
4. Jeep
5. Rover
9. Ramalinga Raju
10. National Geographic

aditya M said...

grt work

my answers

1 x-ruth brandon y-sewing machine
2 ariel
3 guard peter-o boyle
4 jeep
5 ford landrover
8 bulova-Bulova paid $4 for the world's first television commercial, a July 1, 1941 placement on New York station WNBT before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies
9 b ramalinga raju
10 national geographical society

Kwaisatz said...

2)Ariel Excel
4)Jeep(US Army)
5) Rover
8)Alarm Clock
9)Ramalinga Raju

Sandeep said...

1.X-issac singer, Y-sewing machine
3.Peter O'Boyle
5.Land Rover
6. Absolut Umbra
8.Bulova watches
9.Ramalinga Raju
10.National Geographic Society

malcaluffin said...

1.Isaac singer
3.Peter O' Boyle, the watchman at Columbia Pictures.
4.Willy's MB Army Jeep
5.Land Rover
7.HDFC Life Insurance
9.Ramalinga Raju
10.National Geographic Society

Animesh said...

1. X - Isaac Singer; Y- Singer Sewing Machine
2. Ariel
3. Peter O Boyle - From MichelinMan and Pilsbury Dough Boy
4. Willy's Jeep
5. Land Rover
6. Awol
8. Bulova - 1st ever TV commercial to be aired.
9. B Ramalinga Raju
10. National Geographic Society

arianne said...

1.washing machines?
3.bibendum, pillsbury doughboy
4.the willy's?
5.the land rover?
9.ramalingam raju
10.national geographic society

Shashank said...

1. Singer and the sewing machine
2. Ariel
3. Peter O'Boyle, a security guard at Columbia Pictures
4. Jeep
5. Land Rover
6. Perfection
8. Bulove watches - first television commercial?
9.Ramalinga Raju
10. National Geographic Society

Nirad said...

1. Saving time means it could b a PDA. BLACKBERRY BY MIKE LAZARDIS

2. where do we need hot water?

3. some business personality?


5. no real idea ... LAND ROVER

6. looks like a crystal ball. NOSTRADAMUS?

7. 'straight against bent'. The male mind says VIAGRA


9. The flavour of the season is RAMALINGA RAJU

10. the word 'geographic' takes me to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

DK said...

1. issac singer, sewing machine
2. ariel
3. Stay Puft was inspired by Peter O'Boyle, a security guard at Columbia Pictures
4. willy mb-jeep
5. land rover
8. bulova watch company
9. the ques does not says what u want but still my ans is shoegate with bush
10. national geographic society

Anubhav Chatterjee said...

Q10.Nat Geo

Anonymous said...

1.sewing machine


3. Michelin Man

4. Jeep

5.Land rover

6. Absolute achievement
8.seems to have a lot of firsts to its credit..first atomic clock?

9 ramalinga raju :-)

10. National Geographic

Swarun said...

1- X is Singer, Y is the sewing machine
3-Michelin Man
5-Land Rover
9-Ramalinga Raju
10-National Geographic Society

Vishwa said...

Hope these answers are right :)
1.) Isaac Singer, when he was discussing his new product -- the all famous Sewing machine.

2.) not too sure on this one , guess its ariel detergent. Remember seeing the ad twice on tv.

3.) who can forget this one - a combination of the pilsbury dough guy and the michelin macho man.

4.) military vans ?

5.) Land Rover ( PROUDLY OWNED BY TATA. :) )

6.) Don't now I am underage not allowed to drink yet.

7.) no clue.

8.) the first ever televised commercial.

9.) haha love this one. Ramalinga Raju, my cousin brother works in Satyam and he introduced me to the site.

10.)National Geographic Soceity

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