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India Quiz [2011] - Part 2

India Quiz

QM Souvik Basu

1. Prayaag Raj was an actor/director/writer who was associated with several Bollywood films in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Sadly his most famous ‘dialogue’ is often attributed to someone else or associated with a third person.What is his most  famous ‘dialogue’ in Bollywood?

Ans. He shouted the famous 'Yahoo' in the song 'chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe' which is often attributed to Muhammad Rafi or associated with Shammi Kapoor.

2. Mir Qamruddin was informed that he was appointed the ‘subedar-i-dakhan’. Before leaving, he decided to meet his spiritual guide, the Sufi mystic Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. Hazrat Nizamuddin invited him for a meal and offered him kulchas tied in a yellow cloth. Mir Qamruddin, on repeated urgings by the holy man, had seven kulchas. Hazrat Nizamuddin then blessed him and prophesized that one day he would be king and that his descendants would rule for seven generations.This is the most well-known legend associated with which dynasty?

Ans. Asaf Jah dynasty (Nizams of Hyderabad)

3. This river was often called the river of sorrow. Ironically the name of the river literally means 'sacred water'. It was also the site of one of the earliest multipurpose projects of independent India. Which river and which project?

Ans. Damodar and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC)

4. The name of this ‘item’ literally means ‘patience’ because of the long time needed in ‘preparing’ it. Today, it also a GI in India. What are we describing?

Ans. Haleem. Last year Hyderabadi haleem was given a GI tag

5. A product of Impala Distillery & Brewery, it is the only pilsner available today in India. Sold only in the state it is produced, the brand name suggests royalty. What?

Ans. King's Black Label Beer

6. There are four distinct instruments in the premises namely:

  • Samrat
  • Ram
  • Jayaprakash
  • Mishra

At which place, often in the news in 2011, will you find this? (specific answer)

Ans. Jantar Mantar at New Delhi

7. The brand identity adorns red and black colours over a white background. The logo comprises a triangle, a parallelogram and a trapezoid as its part which together form the ___ in 3D.The logo revolves around high energy and space. In the words of the company, “The colour red in the logo depicts continuity and change. It also depicts confidence. There is an ___ formed in the logo. The angular formation of ___ symbolizes that it is no longer dependent on foreign expertise for its brands. It will be focusing on its own engineering capabilities.”
Whose logo? (all blanks same)

Ans. Hero MotoCorp (blank is 'H')

8.  This community was initially known to work for their craftsmanship on stones before they took up the same with bronze during the reign of the Cholas. For the past several centuries, this community has been practicing this art of making idols for temples and street processions. They were even involved in the Brihadeshwara temple at Tanjore. Identify this community which also finds a mention in William Dalrymple’s ‘Nine Lives’.

Ans. Sthapatis of Swamimalai

9. Identify this lady.

Ans. Madhumita Bisht (former national badminton champion)

10. Identify this person.

Ans.  Womesh Chandra Banerjee, the first president of the Indian National Congress

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Mukund Marodia said...

1. Kitne aadmi the?
2. Asaf Jahi-Nizams
3. Damodar and Damodar valley corp.?
4. Carpet?
6. Jantar Mantar(Anna hazare Zindabad!)
7. Hero Moto Corp.
10. WC Bonnerjee

indian said...

1- sholay - kitne aadmi the, jo dargaya samjho mar gaya.
2- asaf jahi dynasty (nizam's of hyd).
3-ganges or ganga.
5-kings beer & goa.
6-jantar mantar.
7-H-hero motorcorp.
10- womesh chandra banerjee.

Anonymous said...

1. Yahoo.. (from the film Junglee)
2. Nijams of Hyderabad.
3. Damodar, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC)
4. Shawl (of Kashmir)
5. Cashew Fenny (of Goa)
6. Jantar Mantar of Delhi
7. Hero MotoCorp
10. Nikolai Roerich.

-- Sankar and Rajib

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