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India Quiz [2011]

With the celebrations of our 64th  Independence Day still fresh in memory,here is the 2011 edition of the India Quiz .

India Quiz

1. The trophy was commissioned in 2007 at the suggestion of Arts & Library committee of the Marylebone Cricket Club.The tophy was designed and manufactured by the famous silversmith Jocelyn Burton.The trophy shares its name with a town located in the state of Haryana.Identify.

 Ans. Pataudi Trophy

2.There are 2 methods of using this label. A paper hang tag or a sew in label.The paper hang tag with the hologram is priced at Rs. 2.00 and the sew in label is priced at Rs. 0.60.The presence of this label indicates that the material is made from purely natural source.Identify

Ans. SilkMark

3. Lengpui airport is one of the few airports in India which is has a runway atop a plateau similar to the one in Mangalore.The IATA code for the airport is AJL. Which city is served by this airport?

Ans. Aizwal

4. X arrived in India in July 1947.A barrister by profession, he was given 5 weeks to complete this task.X was chosen since he did not have any prior connection with India.He was assisted by four other legal experts - Mehar Chand Mahajan,Teja Singh,Din Mohammad and Mohammad Munir.Identify X and what task did he accomplish ?

Ans. X - Cyril Radcliffe .Radcliffe headed the Boundary commission which drew the borders of India & Pakistan

5. During the Mughal period Mohammad Bahadur Khanji I expelled the Mughal governor and declared independence from Mughal Rule in mid 18th century.He thus founded the Babi dynasty who started ruling the territory.However the British East india company took control of the area in 1818,and it became one of the several princely states under British India.Although the state did not share any land border with Pakistan,when India became independent the ruler decided to accede to Pakistan.However later on a referendum was conducted which ruled in favoour of joining the Indian union and it is now a part of India.Which erstwhile princely state are we taliking about ?

Ans. Junagadh

6. X is a province located in the western part of Republic of Ireland. Untill 1922.when Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom,the third son of the Monarch was conferred the title - Duke of X. Robert Tor Russel,who was an architect with the PWD in British India designed this business district named after X.The arcitecture of the area was infulended by the Royal Crescent in Bath,England. Identify X ,which will lead you to the name of the business district in question.

 Ans. Connoaught Place.

Connacht is the western province of Ireland,and Connaught is its Anglicized spelling.Connaught Place or CP was named after the Duke of Connaught,Prince Arthur

7.Near which town located at the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini river will you find this memorial dedicated to the exploits of Jim Corbett.

Ans Rudraprayag

8. This  football club nicknamed "Reds" ,was founded in 1983.In the local language the name of the club means "Our Own".They are the winners of the 2011 I- League (Second Division) Identify.

Ans. Lajong FC

9.Henri Pequet started his aviation carrer as a baloonist. He had come to India for an airshow. On February 18,1911 he flew a Sommer biplane from Allahabad to Naini.The distance of approximately 10 kilometres was covered in 13 minutes. What is the historical significance of this short air trip.

Ans.  World's first airmail.

10. The following is an excerpt from an introduction published in the statistical journal "Sankhya",which appeared in the journal in 1935.

The enchantment of rhythm is obviously felt in music, the rhythm which is inherent in the notes and their groupings. It is the magic of mathematics, this rhythm which is in the heart of all creation, which moves in the atom and in its different measures fashions gold and lead, the rose and the thorn, the sun and the planets, the variety and vicissitudes of man's history
Who is the author of the lines quoted above.

Ans. Rabindranath Tagore.

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Tanay said...

2. Silkmark
3. Aizawl
4. Radcliffe
5. Hyderabad/Junagadh
6. Connaught?
7. Kumaon
8. Shillong Lajong
10. Rabindranath Tagore

Anubhav Chatterjee said...

Q9.1st Air Mail service in India

indian said...

1-pataudi trophy given to winners of india england test series.
2-silk mark.
4- cyril john radcliffe - boundary commission chairman and boundary line b/w india & pakistan.
6-connaught & connaught place.
8-shillong lajong fc.
9- domestica commercial aviation was started & to deliver a letter.
10- gurudev rabindranath tagore.

Anonymous said...

1. Karnal Trophy
2. Silk Mark
3. Aizal
4. Ceril Radcliff, demarcation of border between India and Pakistan
5. Junagarh (in Gujarat now)
6. Manchester
7. Rudraprayag
8. Lujong FC
9. First Air Mail in India was sent through this plane
10. Satyendranath Bose

--- Rajib

Questions are very very good in terms of standard as well as information. Carry on Boss!

Mukund Marodia said...

4. Cyril radcliffe
5. jamnagar
6. Connaught
7. Kumaon
9. First Airmail
10. Sri Aurobindo?


1.The Pataudi trophy
2.Silk Mark
4.Cyril John Radcliffe drew the Radciffe line for Division of India & Pakistan.
6.Connaught Place
8.Shillong Lajong F.C.
9.The first Commercial flight in India

ginger candy said...

Here they go-

1. Pataudi Trophy
2. Silk Mark
3. Aizawl
4. Cyril John Radcliffe, partitioned imperial India
5. Junagadh
6. Connaught
7. Rudraprayag
8. Shillong Lajong FC
9. First Aerial Post
10. Rabindranath Tagore


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