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India Quiz 2013

India Quiz 2013

To celebrate Independence Day, the 2013 edition of  India Quiz is here

1. This foundation is the brainchild of Prakash Padukone and Geet Sethi.Former Indian hockey captain Viren Rasquinha is the current CEO of this Not For Profit company.It brings together eminent sportspersons, business leaders, sportswriters and talent scouts to identify emerging athletes, understand their training needs and requirements and raise funds to be used for supporting athletes with potential.Identify.

Ans. Olympic Gold Quest

2.According to the  artist ,  he likes to paint both in words and colours ,to create organic shapes with distinct calligraphic identities and poetic sensibilities.The acrylic paintings with multi-dimensional surface textures in basic earth colours of orange, green, blue, gold and black, were conceived around the impressionist motifs of Absolut Vodka bottles.Identify the artist.

Ans Vikram Seth

3.___ ____ is a blend of spices used mainly in the cuisine of Eastern India and Bangladesh.It usually consists of equal proprtions of fennel,nigella,black mustard,fenugreek and cumin seeds.In the traditional Oriya or Bengali cuisine, the spice blend is added to hot oil or ghee which causes it to make a popping sound. At this point other ingredients are added to the oil and spice mixture  which emits  a distinctive aroma.Fill in the blanks

Ans Panch Phoron

4. It was first used on 1st July 1852.Its shape is circular and it came in 3 colours white. red and blue.The entire design is enclosed in a circular belt, forming its border. The circular belt contains an inscription ,with the belt buckle at the lower center showing the holes for the buckle grip.Inside the cirular border is a heart shape divided into 3 segments,each segment containing the letters E,I and C.Above the heart is the munber 4 which is aligned with the central partition of the heart.What is being described here.

Ans Scinde Dawk, the first postage stamp in Asia

5. He was born in Patna in 1882.He completed his B.A with Honours in Mathematics from Patna college and later studied medicine from Calcutta Medical College. After setting sail for England in 1909 he completed his MRCP and FRCS examination and returned to India. He fought the elections to the Bengal Legislative Council as an independent candidate and defeated Surendranath Banerjee to mark his entry into politics. The nation celebrates his birthday which falls on July 1st as Doctor's Day. Who are we talking about.

Ans Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

6. This educational institution traces its origin to 1941 as a department in Delhi Polytechnic .It was later integrated with the School of Town and Country Planning and was renamed to its present day name.Baburam Bhattarai, the current Prime Minister of Nepal was an alumnus of this institute.The writer Arundhati Roy is perhaps the most famous alumnus of the institute.Identify the logo.

Ans School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi

7.The state animal of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, Bos Frontalis is a breed of cattle commonly found in Bangladesh and the north eastern states of India. They are usually not reared for milk and allowed to graze freely in forests. There is national research centre dedicated to research on this animal presently located in Jharnapani, Nagaland. Identify the animal we are talking about.

Ans Mithun / Gayal

8.Identify the PSU from its logo.

Ans Cochin Shipyard Limited, the builders of the Vikrant class of aircraft carriers.

9. The business was started out of a 250 sqft outlet in Juhu, Mumbai in 1984.The outlet initially sold pav bhaji and ice cream.As the place was small most of the cooking was done at the owner's kitchen. A year after starting the business the owner Raghunanadan Kamath decided to concentrate all his resources in making their speciality ice creams.From a turnover of 1 lakh in its first year the company has a current turnover of around 50 crores and has more than 100 outlets across the country.Which brand?

Ans. Naturals Ice Cream / Kamaths Ourtimes Ice Cream

10. Located in a town of Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu this fort was built by Admiral Ove Gejedde. The fort served as the controlling point for the European colony from 1620 -1845. After which it came under the control of the British. Which European country ruled over the area from this fort for 225 years.

Ans. Denmark. The fort is Fort Dansborg located in Tranquebar or Tharangambadi

India Quiz

Feedback on the quiz is welcome. More questions to follow


Chanchal Pati said...

1. Olympic Gold Quest
2. Vikram Seth
3. Panch Foron
4. 1st Post stamp
5. Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy
6. School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
8. Cochin Shipyard Limited
9. Natural Ice Cream

indian said...

1- OGQ - Olympic Gold Quest.
2- Absolut Seth - Vikram Seth.
3- Panch Phoron.
4- First Post Stamp.
5- Bidhan Chandra Roy.
6- School of Planning & Architecture - NewDelhi.
7- Mithun.
8- Cochin Shipyard Limited.
9- Natural Ice Creams.
10- Fort Dansborg in Tharangambadi or Tranquebar.

Prateek Vijayavargia said...

1. Olympics Gold Quest
2. Subodh Gupta
5. Dr BC Roy
6. School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi)
7. Tibetan Goat?
8. ONGC?
9. Natural's Ice Cream?
10. Denmark (The Tranquebar Fort I guess)

One of my favourite quizzes, keep the good work going. It still reminds me of the era when there were Yahoo groups, then blogs and now all quizzing is mostly done on social networks like Facebook.


Kaushik said...

1. Olympic Gold Quest
2. Vikram Seth
3. Paanch Phoron
4. East India Company Logo
5. Bidhan Chandra Ray
6. School of Planning & Architecture
7. Gaur (Indian Bison)
8. Cochin Shipyard Ltd
9. Naturals
10. Netherland

VK Handa said...

1.Olympic Gold Quest(OGQ)
2.Vikram Seth
3.Panch Foron (Five Spice Mix)
4.THE FIRST STAMP OF ASIA -SCINDE DAWK issued by British Sindh Province of Western India, now under Pakistan.
5.Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy
6.School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
8.Cochin Shipyard Limited(CSL)
9.Natural Ice Cream

Jojimon Jaseenthan said...

1.Olympic Gold Quest
2.Vikram Seth
3.Bengali cuisine
5.Bidhan Chandra Roy
6.School of Planning and Architecture
8.Cochin Shipyard
9.Natural Ice-creams
10.Fort Dansborg

Anonymous said...

1. Operation Excellence (Project OPEX)
2. Vikram Seth
3. Paanch Phoron
4. Logo of East India Company
5. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
6. Delhi School of Economics
7. Mithun
8. Port Trust
9. Subway
10. Holland (Netherlands)

--- Sankarajib

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