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India Quiz [2013]

India Quiz 2013
QM Souvik Basu

As promised , the second installment of the India Quiz 2013 is here.

1.Film-maker X recently said about something: "We want to give Y a definitive brand identity with a complete different rendition to his character. Currently, there are various renditions of his character and different interpretations, which dilute the brand. Have you ever seen a different rendition of the Batman? The answer is no." Identify X and Y

Ans X Dibakar Banerjee ,Y Byomkesh Bakshi

2. What has been blanked out from the Amul ad.

Ans. Gir

3.In 2008, Deshmukh launched X. However, X proved to be controversial and had to be done away with.
In August 2013, Deshmukh has launched Y named after a real-life person. The story is of a young naive girl Saina who comes to Mumbai with dreams of becoming big in fashion business. It is when she takes on alter ego of Y that things get really interesting for her.
The real-life person said "I am surprised to see the rising response from boys. With this comic strip I can be fantasized by millions and I don't land up doing actual skin show. In my case it is my caricature that shall be involved in it and not me personally, so boys don't worry just meri chitrakala dekho..haha..boys will be boys.” X and Y please.

Ans X - Savita Bhabhi , Y - Rozlyn Comics

4. Cookbook of which famous restaurant chain ?

Ans Moti Mahal

5. The annual cost was approximately Rs 100 crores. Against such high costs, the returns of Rs 75 lakhs per annum was quite low. What happened as a result of this earlier this year?

Ans In July 2013, the Telegram service was stopped after 163 years of service.

6. This stamp commemorates the centenary of which famous organization?

Ans Geological Survey of India

7. Id this lady.

Ans Bombayla Devi Laishram

8. Whose autobiography is this?

Ans R K Laxman

9. Complete this exhaustive list: Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Jwala Gutta, Lee Chong Wei, Ashwini Ponappa and ________.What is this list all about?

Ans P Kashyap. Captains of IBL teams

10. Which state of India uses this in its tourism promotion?

Ans Madhya Pradesh

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India Quiz 2013 - I


indian said...

1-X-Dibakar Banerjee, Y-Byomkesh Bakshi.
3-Savitha Bhabhi.
4-Moti Mahal.
5-GoAir will have only female Stewardess in their flights.
6- Geological Survey of India.
7-Bombayla Devi Laishram - Indian Archer.
9- Top Earners at the auction for IBL.
10-Madhya Pradesh.

VK Handa said...

X-Dibakar Banerjee
Y-Byomkesh Bakshi

VK Handa said...

3.X-Savita Bhabi, Y-Rozlyn.
10.Madhaya Pradesh.

VK Handa said...

7.Bombayla Devi Laishram -Indian Woman Archer.

VK Handa said...

4.Moti Mahal.

6.Geological Survey of India.

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