Saturday, October 08, 2005

Me,Myself and Quizzing...............

Quizzing for me as a habit goes back a long time,when I was in school,the third standard to be precise,when our class teacher then.,Mr C E Jacobs used to conduct short general knowledge quizzes,which provided the opportunity to earn points for your house if you knew the answer,the house to which I belonged was called Dewey.
Throughout my life in school it was the red house for me...
The mind at a young age is quite impressionable,and from that young age I caught on to this habit of remembering or recalling apparently useless knowledge,because untill and unless knowledge is put to use ,or applied it is just useless information that resides in a corner of your brain,
Today on looking back to me quizzing is recollection of images or information scanned by the mind a long time back,and then somehow connecting it to blurt out the answers,when the quiz master throws a question to you,
In school it was the inter-house quizzes which I looked forward to........since for the inter school ones ,I was usually the stand-by to a very good friend of mine who I must admit was much better than me at this exercise,

(to be continued.........)

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