Sunday, October 02, 2005

A World of Our Own

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Dear Quizzers,
After the overwhelming response to "My First Visual Quiz",I am inspired to put up another set of questions,this time on a topic which usually isn't very popular among adult quizzers,though geography is a sure-shot topic in most school quizzes

It was quite fascinating to receive so many replies(23), though I was a touch disappointed nobody got all 12 answers correctCongratulations to Mr Tapas Dutta and Mr Robin Dey for scoring 11

1. Which narrow short street extends for only seven blocks from Broadway to the East River in Manhattan, New York City ?

a.Wall Street

2.If the English Channel separates England and France,which 2 countries are separated by the St. George's Channel?

a.Great Britain and Ireland

3.More and more palaces get converted into hotels every year. But what organization is located at the Motibagh Palace,
Patiala ?

a.National Institute of Sports

4.The 1986 football world cup was hosted by Mexico,which country was originally scheduled to host the tournament,but could not do so due to internal troubles?


5.Which is the only country from the South American mainland to play international cricket (men's),as a part of the West


6.October 12th has been celebrated each year as a national holiday in the U.S. since 1792 to commemorate a great achievement by a non- American person and the day is named in his honor. The country of birth of this person started
celebrating this day from October 12th 2004. You have to identify this person and the country of his birth.

a.Christopher Colombus,born in Genoa,Italy.

7.Which Central American country shares its name with a lake?
8.This person was born to a family of Norwegian shipowners and captains. Inspired by Fridtjof Nansen's crossing of Greenland in 1888 he decided on a life of exploration.A sea,a crater on the moon ,a frigate of the Norwegian Navy anda south-pole station is named after him.Who am I talking of?

a.Roald Amundsen

9.Along with Aotearoa, another name for this country was Niu Tireni, a transliteration of the English name,in the language
of the original inhabitants of this country,which country?

a.New Zealand

10.Identify this famous Finn,shown in the picture?

a.Linus Torvalds(the guy who wrote the Linux operating system)

11.Which small African nation's capital is Asmara?


12.This is the flag of a small African country,which most Indians didn't notice,untill a recent keen interest among football
lovers due to the exploits of a certain import into the Indian soccer scenario,which country?


It mainly came into the news due to one J. Rodrigue, who mesmerised Mohun Bagan fans

This quiz was posted on the quiznet group,and quizzards_2k4 group
There were 23 replies from the quiznet members,though nobody score the full 12 points my congratulations to Mr Tapas Dutta and Mr Robin Dey for getting 11 correct

Send in ur answers by Friday 7th October to aniruddha_recd@rediffmail.comYour comments and suggestions are most welcome
Happy Quizzing

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